Canopy Piloting Course with Mattia Fenati !! 20th or 21th AUGUST 2024 >> SkydiveSicilia drop zone !!

Book your Canopy Piloting Course now , there is a limit of n. of subcriptions , mail info@skydivesicilia.it or whatsapp


VALENTINE’S DAY….. Love is in the AIR!! Give a very special GIFT…….

………We give you a FREE VIDEO SERVICE of your Tandem adventure as a gift!!!


April-May-June-July- August 2024 in the Sky…4200m of pure Adrenaline in SIRACUSA!!

Tandem Experience in the Sky….give a special gift with lots of ADRENALINC MOMENTS !!
Surprise the person you love or care!


PROMO Tandem Jumps!

Your A.F.F. course (Accellerated free fall ) to become a certified skydiver!!


Skydiving Course !! How to become a Skydiver!!! A.F.F. (Accelerated Free Fall)

Skydiving! A.F.F. (Accelerated Free Fall ) course Subscriptions are open, for the following months of March, April ,May, June , July and August. You will only need a few days to become a CERTIFIED Skydiver and jump alone every where worldwide!!!

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