Terms and conditions

Minimum age to try a tandem jump is 16 year old and a parent must be present on site during the jump, in case even some one authorized could take care of the 16 year old person to make him try the tandem jump.

There is no a maximum age to try the tandem jump.

In case you have to drink alcohol this must be taken or drunk at list 8 hours before you will try the tandem jump.

Please wear a pair of training shoes to try the tandem jump .

In case you wear a pair of glassess , they must be not very big, but in case we suggest to wear a pair of contacts lenses. We could provide you a pair of big googles on site to cover your glasses during the free fall.

Please note that tandem jumps will be organized in order of arrivals of the daily bookings, and the time showed on the booking box on our web site is only to know when you will arrive on site and not the time for the jump. Tandem jumps, could be have delays or be canceled dependings on weather conditions, radar contacts problems, or technical problems, etc etc and can last from 10 mins or till sun set, but in all this case you will not lose your subscription and you can use it by 12 months since the booking was taken.

All Tandem jumps , and all the jumps and flyng activity must be closed by 30 mins before sun set for fly procedures .

In case you decide to cancel your bookings before 4 days the tandem jump , the deposit for subscription will be witheld for 12 month and after that time will be lost, in case you can decide another date where to try your jump.

Please note people with weight over 100kg or more we suggest you to contact us by e mail or by whatsapp or mobile phone before you book your adventure.

Scuba diving ( UNDER WATER with breather )must be done at list 24 hours before you will make the tandem jump.

Deposit for subscription will last 12 month from the time you make your booking.

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