What I need to know and to do the Day of My Tandem Jump Experience!!

Here are some tips and rules to make your experience with Skydive Sicilia more enjoyable and safer.


Some tips on what to wear for the Tandem Jump experience :

  • Sneakers or training shoes
  • Clothing appropriate to the season in which the launch will take place:
    • For men: trousers, tracksuit or comfortable clothing.
    • For women: knee-length or knee-length leggings or long trousers.
  • Eyeglasses can be worn, but contact lenses are recommended.

On-site services and notices for guests

Skydive Sicilia’s operational headquarters is equipped with:

  • Shaded area with toilets.
  • Snack point/restaurant.

Friends or accompanying relatives who are not jumping can watch freely in the spacious areas available.
If children are present, please cooperate in keeping them under control at all times, as there are moving aircraft and dangerous equipment in the area.

Photo/Video service

If the launch has been booked without photo/video service, it will also be possible to request this service on site on the day of the launch, at the reception desk during check-in.

Booked photos and videos will be sent by Wetransfer within 5 days after the launch (usually within 24/48 hours).
Please also check your spam folder in your inbox and download the file immediately as it is valid for a few days after receipt.

Please note:

In order to receive the files correctly, please provide the video operators present on site on the day of the launch with an active email address and verify that it is correct. The files will be deleted from our archive after approximately 7/10 days.

Download files preferably from a computer (PC or MAC), as we cannot guarantee file format compatibility with smartphones.

The files sent will be compressed in zip format, so once downloaded you will need to unzip them in order to view the individual photos or videos.

Please also note that the Video Photo service is external to SkydiveSicilia, which will therefore not be able to help you with your requests, so please contact the operators directly who you will find on site on the day of your launch or on the website page >>.

Timetables and procedures

imetables and procedures

The opening hours of Skydive Sicilia are from 8.30 a.m. until about one hour before sunset.
Maximum presentation time for your tandem jump experience :

  • For individuals, or little group at least 2:30 hours before closing time or 3 hours before sunset time.
  • For groups of 4 to 10, by 12:00 noon
  • For groups over 11, by 10:00 a.m.

Jumps will be performed in chronological order of arrival, so arrival at the facility by early morning is recommended.
Tandem jumps will be performed up to a maximum of 3 at the same time. We will make every effort to have you launch together with the other members of your group, but due to various factors such as weather conditions or weight, it is not possible for us to predict this in advance.

Once you arrive at the facility you will have to go to the reception desk for check-in and then wait your turn under the gazebos or in the waiting areas set up outside. From here you will be called to move to the hangar where you will perform your launch preparation.

Food and non-alcoholic drinks can be consumed during the wait (jumping on an empty stomach is not recommended, even a simple fruit juice is fine), but drinking alcohol is forbidden within 8 hours before the launch.

The duration of the launch is usually 1 hour, but due to many factors, such as weather conditions, coordination with the Catania Radar, which assists and authorises launches, technical problems or other, it is not possible to establish the exact time of the launches, which could be delayed or in extreme cases be postponed by day.


We advise you to contact us the day before departure to reach the Skydive Sicilia office to check weather conditions or other information.
For weather information it is not advisable to call days before because we would not be able to give you precise answers, in the News section of our site you can find any warnings on weather conditions or difficulties in departures.

In the event of cancellations or changes of the tandem jumps dates schedulated due to meteo or weather or technical conditions, new dates can be set, which for administrative and insurance reasons must be within 4 months of the previously tandem jump last time schedulated.
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



Strada Laganelli 20 o Cda Rinaura (Siracusa)

email: info@skydivesicilia.it
tel. +39 333 8599151

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